Special F


Sound Mixing   




At Art lA we can design your very own custom logo.

We can give you that high budget animated logo for a

competitive price .

Rate: starting at 3,000 -10,000  

We have professional editors with

many years experience. we edit all 

kinds of projects from music videos

to feature films and commercials. 

we have fast turn around and high 

​quality deliverables to insure your 

project will always stand out. 

Rate Varies on Project but on average:  1,000   

​A good sound mixer is essential for 

a great product. at Art LA ​we have made 

it top priority to hire the best sound mixers

to give our clients the ultimate package

Daily Rate: 350   

Drone Operating    

at Art LA we take great pride in helming a 

project from start to finish. Being in the 

directors chair we can provide your project

with the care and appreciation that it requires.

With over 8 years directing you can rest assured

that your project is in good hands. 

Daily Rate: $1,000 


we have a wide range of talented make up 
artists on our roster. we have all different 
varieties covered​ natural look, beauty make up, 
special effects and even aging make up.

Daily Rate: 450 


Our special FX team can tackle the most 

complex compositions and animations. 

Special FX can make or break a project so we

make sure to take the time to get it right 

​the first time. We create all our effects with 

After effects and Cinema 4d. 

Rate varies depending on scope of work 

Music Composing 

We have lighting packages ranging from 
large to small, with experienced gaffers and 
grips. Lighting is one of the most important 
aspects of film and we make sure the lighting is
perfect before the camera rolls.

Daily Rate: 500  

L​ogo Design  

With Remote pilot 107 Certification 

we take your drone shots to knew heights. 

with over five years experience piloting 

we have the capabilities and skills to get

the drone shots that are desired. We take 

flying very seriously and we think are

work speaks for itself. we have a wide array

​of drones to chose from, one for each budget.

Daily Rate: 2,000 


We Have several award winning Music composers .

Let Art LA take your film or project to the next level.

We have done music for various features and commercials.  

rate: Varies on Scope of work 

Here at Art LA we shoot on the latest 

camera equipment. We can tailor to 

large or small projects. but we always 

go above and beyond for our clients. 

Daily Rate: 1,000