Red Gemini: The latest camera 

from RED. Shoots 5K video in RAW format, and for the first time ever, shoots amazing footage in low light. This is the first camera from red that truly rivals the Alexa.  

Nucleus M: This wireless follow focus system is one of the best in the industry. It works up to a mile, this is great for gimbals and drone work. 

Freefly Alta 8 :  This drone can carry a

Epic W or Alexa mini as well as many cameras. This drone is the best in the business for carrying heavy Payloads. 

DJI Focus: This wireless follow focus system is one of the best in the industry. It works great with the Inspire drone, the Oslo X5, as well as Ronin and other applications. 

DJI Ronin 2: 3 axes Gimbal great for flying most cameras including the Red and Alexa mini. 

Matrice 600 Pro :  This drone can carry a

Epic W or Alexa mini. With quick set up times and battery redundancy, this is a safe choice to fly a heavy camera. 

Astra Titan Tubes: These tubes are the bread and butter of any music video or film effect. These lights can replicate any kinda effect like photography and police lights. The batteries can last up to 8 hours, these are ideal for run and gun shoots and quick setups.   

​DJI Inspire 2: One of the industry leading drones just got better. This drone is built for high budget productions. It has been vastly improved from its previous model with full sensor coverage for safe flights. This drone shoots in 5.6K RAW and comes with multiple lenses. 

Arri M18: The M18 is the brightest HMI light that can be plugged into most outlets. It is equivalent to a 4K light. This is one of the best and brightest lights you can get. 

Art LA film tools 

Arri Amira: Works as a great B camera to the alexa mini and has the same sensor. Amazing camera for a run and gun documentary style shoot.    

Arri Sky Panels: These Skypanels can replicate millions of different colors and effects. These lights can pack a serious punch and can be used in most situations.   

Alexa Mini: The only competition to the Red Helium. It gets beautiful imagery and has a high dynamic range. Records in Raw format. 

Camera Chase car : We can operate at speeds of up to 100 MPH. The cameras we can fly are Alexa mini, Red and many more. Up to 100 pound payload. 

 ​DJI Phantom 4 Pro: The Newest line up in DJI drones. The phantom 4 shoots up to 60 FPS in 4K. Perfect for flying indoors or in small areas. 

Sony A7SII:  Small in size but has amazing low light capabilities. Shoots in stunning 4K and looks amazing. Great for low budget projects or BTS work.

Car Mount: This Film Tool car mount is capable of carrying 150 pounds. It's very safe and secure and can carry anything from the Red to the Alexa and many more.

Mavic pro 2 Pro:  A small but very powerful drone. Shoots in 4K. Perfect for flying indoors or in small areas. Great for small budgets.