Director: Roger Artola

Stars: Nikka Far,  Tiffany Splettstoeszer,  JaySin Matlock 


A young man's family torn apart by

tragedy reaches out to begin rebuilding

trust and seek healing by through the

only thing that speaks through pain;

the healing power of music.

A gifted runner with a unique talent becomes deceived by love.

Director: Stefon Benson

Writer:  Stefon Benson

Stars: Stefon Bnson,  Mark Paul Deren,  
Jena Frumes  

A team of second string special agents on a fubar rescue mission.

Director: Mark Elefane

Cinematographer: Roger Artola 

Writer: Mark Elefane

Stars: Chris Calleja,  Nick Petrus,  Janna Grove  |


A comedic blend of murder, mystery and marijuana.

Trying to escape the infamy of a serial killer father,

Trent Modine and his goof-ball stepbrother Joey, both

seeking a new start, find ...See full summary »

Director: LazRael Lison

Writers: Michael Bussan (story by),  Dale Zawada

Stars: Simon Rex,  Shannon Brown,  Jim O'Heir 

Art LA Film Productions

An alien obsessed man tries to get a close encounter.

Director:  Johnny Sepulveda

Cinematographer: Roger Artola

Stars: David Beyer,  Shelly Beyer,  Sarah Dorsey  

Director: Antonio James

Writer: Deborah Capstone

Cinematographer: Roger Artola

Stars: Torrei Hart,  Lester Speight,  Ella Joyce

Director:  Zhiying Di

Stars: Eric Barkhorn,  Derrick Dover,  Tania Fox 


When A Star student Falls into the wrong crowd 

and ends up a dancer, life threatening events ensue. 

Director:  Roger Artola  

Cinematographer: Roger Artola

Stars:  Diamond Langi, George Pakola, Lehi 

What happens when death whispers to you?

Directors: Kathryne Jansen,  Dennis Velasco

Cinematographer: Roger Artola

Writer:  Kathryne Jansen

Stars: Chanda Buck,  Kathryne Jansen


Director: Grant Housley

Cinematographer: Roger Artola 

Stars: Michelle Mitchenor,  Nathan Davis Jr.,  Noel Braham


Talk show Host Dame falls into a series

of adventures and Drama Caused by her

own hands and voice.     

Director:  Preston Whitmore 

Cinematographer: Roger Artola

Stars:  Macy Grey, Robert Ri'chard  

A young suburban family move into a new home, only to find

something strange and fantastic there. At first inspiring, this

discovery eventually threatens their bond as a family. Featuring .

Director: Jason Thomas Scott

Writers: Shannon Corder,  Jason Thomas Scott

Stars: Shelley Chidley,  Charlie Mattera,  Bobbie Prewitt  |

A charismatic drug lord tries to start a new

life after he falls for a young woman from Philadelphia.

Director:  Preston Whitmore 

Cinematographer: Roger Artola

Stars:  Vivica A. Fox, Erica Peeples, Nelsan Ellis

Tired of being ignored, an awkward boy goes to

extreme measures to get attention.

Director: Grant Housley

Cinematographer: Roger Artola 

Writers: Thais Gonzalez,  Jasmin Mendoza 

Stars: Celeste Davis,  Thais Gonzalez,  Grant Housley Jr.